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A comprehensive dedicated, diversified, and unique approach to digital marketing to drive your brand visibility and force results. We reciprocate the value you have for us by paying you back huge value for money in terms of your return on invests.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization services provided by PCSNP Tech will help in optimizing quality content by sharing it on various social media platforms. Our services are customized and tailor-made for suiting the nature of your business. We will help you target the right audience with cost-effective SMO services to be accommodated perfectly in your pre-planned budget – all these perfectly in line with the core competency needed in this domain.

  • Facebook promotion SMO Service: Not just the twenty something’s; but even the toddlers, middle aged and grey-class; all are getting connected via this social media platform. So, when everyone is hooked on to this online network, why not use it for your business promotion. Let us help you in this regard. We will help your pages and posts fetch the maximum number of likes through our expert SMO tactics.
  • YouTube Promotion SMO Service: Eye-catching and attention-grabbing videos always have a greater fan following. Better a video; more are the number of likes that it attracts! Customized You Tube videos exclusively created and uploaded for your business to grow manifolds is what you get here at Vihangam Softech. Videos that will catch the fancy of many visitors and will act as a magnet for luring more and more visitors to it. Likes and more likes, get ready for a ramp up!
  • Twitter Promotion SMO Service: Scores of subsequent tweets and loads of re-tweets – this is what a great tweet on Twitter provides! With many such tweets, the number of followers to your Twitter account also sees a burgeoning increase. Avail our services for a tryst with excellence, excellence in turning umpteenth number of followers towards your Twitter account!
  • Video Promotion SMO Services: Let a picture, rather a video containing several pictures, speak those thousands words about your business. For remarkable video promotions that come with an overwhelming response, come to VihangamSoftech! Manoeuvring the best video promotion for your business to grow in multifarious amounts. See that multitudinous growth in your business right after connecting with us and availing our video promotion services.
  • Explainer Video Creation SMO Service: Capturing your core business functionality within a 1-3 minutes video with an appeal that will allure a large audience to connect with your business in turn generating a lot more business leads. A thorough amalgamation of your idea and intent along with a depiction of your products and services range with an innovative and creative expression is what takes to create a great explainer video and this is what we endeavor to deliver!

Search Engine Marketing

Our tailor-made Search Engine Marketing strategies are specifically designed to best-suit your marketing campaigns, and at the same time, we try and play safe within your stipulated budget. Our hallmark strategies to target every medium in digital arena for increased visibility, be it local, organic, or paid, include Pay-Per-Click advertising, Display Advertising, marketing campaigns through professional e-mailers, as well as Affiliate Marketing strategies.

  • Pay Per Click SEM Service: For getting that necessary extra boost to your website and for getting the supreme quality traffic pouring to your website, PPC campaigns are your best bet since paid searches always rule the top listings in search engines. From effectively managing your keyword placement strategy, to designing of most creative and effective ads, to promoting the landing pages, PPC has always been the most effective and preferred marketing solution for traffic acquisition and audience targeting.
  • Display Advertising SEM Service: For over a decade now, the likes of basic banner ads and television ads are fading away gradually, online display ads are picking up. The interactive and virtually talkative animated ads, ads with audio-visual elements, eye-catching graphics, are all over the place. So, why not, you go ahead and try the luxury of creating such ads for your benefit.
  • Affiliate Marketing SEM Service: With affiliate marketing strategies, one can expect exponential growth not only in terms of revenues, but also in terms of increased traffic. Your affiliates are eager to place your banner ads and co-promote your product on a common basket to increase total effective sale, theirs as well as yours. It's like a win-win situation for both, you and your associates.
  • Email Marketing SEM Services: Save Paper, Save Time - Go Green Initiative - If you wish to sell something, have the zeal to promote, and own quality services, then email marketing is the best-suite available at your disposal. Creating effective content to designing attractive emails is the key to succeed with your email marketing campaigns, which we can run for you endlessly and seamlessly. After all, emails are the strongest medium for effective communication with the masses.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines can’t be fooled but our SEO specialists are so search engine smart that they know all the rules and guidelines and then work it their own way by doing effective optimization for the most searched keywords, thereby, giving you great results in a short time. SEO is no magic but if done smartly whereby following the guidelines strictly can really produce magical results. Let us do the magic for you by making you fetch top rankings in popular search engines Such as Google, Yahoo, Bing.

  • Article Submission SEO Service: Cutting Edge Article Submission Services Generating Quality Leads for Your Business. Submitting articles on innumerable article directories can be an onus task at hand for you, definitely it is a tedious one for anyone who is not an expert on it! We make this herculean task easy for you by taking up the entire job onto our shoulders. Our article submission strategists will do the needful for you!
  • Guest Post SEO Service: It Is Never Too Early to Get the Best SEOs Work for You! We not only endeavour to amplify and boost your website rankings, but also help you gain better brand visibility online through effective guest posting services. Your search engine ranking with augment in terms of organic searching results. Payment only and after the postings are done, which brings you more or less in a ‘no-risky-investment-zone’.
  • Content Writing SEO Service: Effective Content That Will Give You That Extra Edge! Whether it is your corporate website content or the content for your brand promotion or SEO/SMO-centric content; writing is our strong suit. Don’t let the perpetual success in your business to stay obscure to you; immediately contact us for effective content writing services and get the success you have always yearned for.
  • Link Building SEO Services: Sheathing the Entire SEO Landscape through Pioneering Link Building Services! We believe that the best SEO resource is the human resource and we do not rely on any robots for our SEO services and this is what our secret to deliver world-class SEO services is. We have expert link builders with us who spend their time getting quality links for our clients.
  • Press Release Submission SEO Service: Endeavouring to Furnish Your Business Undertakings via Optimal Leads through Effective Submissions! Press release submission has its own modus operandi and our team is well acquainted by it. We follow all the necessary protocols needed to make your business a success in the online market by working towards generating effective business leads through result-oriented press release submissions.
  • Directory Submission SEO Service: Grab Superior Incoming Links through Our Standardized Directory Submission Service. Never let your hard work go unacknowledged; if you have worked towards a goal and have started of a venture, then do not let a shallow online marketing campaign take away the benefits you deserve to reap. Avail our quality directory submission services to improve the overall traffic coming to your website. We work on your anchor texts and also provide you with permanent back links.